Cooking Conversions & Cheat Sheets for the Kitchen

Cooking is about as much about improvisation as it is about technique - what do you do if you run out of brown sugar?! Or in our case, we live in the Italian countryside where 'packed brown sugar' for good ol' chocolate chip cookies does NOT exist. So does that mean we can never eat cookies or oatmeal with brown sugar again - no, we just have to get creative & improvise with that we have on hand. (Sometimes it's also knowing where to shop - for example cream of tartar is found not in the grocery store or bakery! (Sold by weight, the fine white powder folded into paper packets - reminiscent of trafficking drugs!)  Also most Chef don't weigh out 5 tablespoons of olive oil - they eye it! That is why most of the recipes on our blog call for 'glugs' because it's a visual & audible indicator how much you are using.

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