La Moretta - Caffè with Liquor & a Twist of Lemon

La Moretta, Moretta Fanese
Moretta Fanese or better known in these parts as "la moretta" is a local specialty of caffè spiked with liquor (a mix of anise, rum and brandy), sweetened with sugar and the signature twist of lemon! Moretta Fanese was born in the seaside village of Fano. Sailors and fishermen from the Marche port may have created the drink, to keep warm and leave for the Sea invigorated!

It is strong and sweet, and usually drunk after meals as a digestive.  With a belly full of grilled fish, 'una moretta' is just what the doctor ordered! (Literally as well - because Dr. Gaggi LOVES a good moretta Fanese!

La Moretta, Moretta Fanese
(Recipes vary from house to house)

fresh brewed strong coffee - preferably caffè (espresso)
twist of lemon (lemon rind)
spoonful of sugar (optional)
equal parts: rum, anise (Varnelli or Sambucca) and brandy

If you have a steamer: Heat rum, anise and brandy slowly over low heat. Then add the sugar and lemon rind, mix until it's dissolved.

(OR Make a 'poor man's double boiler. Mix the liquor together into a heat safe glass/bottle. Place in double boiler and warm over low heat.  Place the lemon zest and sugar in a glass and then pour warm booze over top.)

Pour into a small glass or espresso cup (make sure the lemon rind is in the cup too). Then gently pour the fresh espresso into the glass. Locals like to keep the layers (liquor, coffee, coffee froth) intact - so don't mix it up - just drink.

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