Cappelletti in Brodo - Little Pasta Hats in Broth

If you are looking for a slam-bang dish - look no further!
Cappelletti in brodo or little hats in broth - I was once told is a dish served for only those you love because it takes so much time & patience to make! This dish is traditionally served on Christmas day for lunch and New Year's Eve for dinner- special occasions. Just yesterday we gathered a group of friends to help us make over 6 kilos (about 13.5 pounds) of pasta! We used 30 eggs in the dough, 4.5 pounds of meat & a ton of parmesan!

Take the time, buy the freshest eggs (it will make the color of the dough nice & golden) & enjoy homemade pasta the way it was meant to be eaten - it is TOTALLY worth the time!

Pasta Dough Recipe:
(serves 4)
400 grams of flour (type 0)
pinch of salt
4 eggs

To make the dough - follow our recipe - click here
6 oz. lean beef cubbed
4 oz. pork loin, cubbed
half a chicken breast, cubbed
1 sausage, without casing, cubbed
1 carrot, diced finely
salt & pepper
a healthy pinch Nutmeg
handful of grated parmesean cheese
1 egg
pad of butter
glug of olive oil
salt & pepper

In a pot, melt the butter & toss in all the meat & carrot.
Cook over medium heat, until meat is cooked & 2/3 of the liquid is reduced.
Set aside & let cool.

When the meat is cool toss it into the food processor & pulse until it resembles ground beef - not a paste.

Add the egg, salt & pepper, nutmeg & cheese - mix with your hands. (It will hold a ball when squeezed together, but not wet)

Roll out pasta dough into about 2mm thick sheets.

Cut into 1 inch squares. Place a pea size amount of filling in each square.

Fold the square into a triangle - making sure to seal the edges very well! (Super important)
This is when it gets difficult to explain...Then take legs of the triangle & pinch them together -(take a look at the picture to help explain)

Make sure not to overstuff your cappelleti & to seal them properly - otherwise they will burst when you boil them.

Boil in brodo (broth) until they float - if they are fresh about 2-4 minutes. Jason suggests that when they start floating - try one.

To freeze for later: Let the pasta sit & dry overnight in a cool dry room in a single layer with parchment paper underneath.


  1. My Nonnie made this recipe for most holidays, and birthdays. It is very good, !

  2. My Nonnie & Pop-Pop made this for holidays also...but a little different: ground veal and pork (ground 3 times) for the meat with no carrot. Simply wonderful!

  3. I always had this growing up in my traditional italian family. Yummy! We also used ground veal and pork, but I'm going to try your recipe!!! Thank you!!

  4. My mom use to make this. I tried to make it. However, the pasta was missing something. Maybe I didn't put enough salt. I see some recipes call for nutmeg. She only used ground beef. The filling wasn't as intense as the one shown above. I loved the broth. Chicken (NO ONION!!) Salt, Pepper, 1 small can of tomato paste. If left over ground beef, throw that in there too for flavor.

  5. My Noni made this for the holidays. When she passed, my Aunt Tina kept the tradition. Best thing before the meal. With names like Pescaglia, Perino and Gingotti you can't go wrong with Italian cuisine.