Video Recipe: How to Make Rolled Pancetta

A short film on butchery & charcuterie in Italy. A visit to Carlo & Gigia's cinta senese (antique breed) pig farm outside Urbino (Le Marche) we butcher a pig and make cured pancetta.
Music by Fats Waller "All that Meat and No Potatoes"

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Thanks for watching!
rolled pancetta with salt & laurel (bay leaves)


  1. What a great post! Thank you for sharing this knowledge!


  2. Sirs,
    At the beginning of the Capicollo video you said it had been marinating in salt for 5 days. Does that mean it has been injected then put in a marinade or do you mean coated with salt and let sit in the fridge for 5 days? I make capicollo With buts and we used to let it salted in the fridge for 25 days then rinse, coat with spices and stuff letting them cure for 20 days in the basement. They turn out good but your method looks easier. I also use cure with my salt. Any suggestions? Do I need to salt that long? Yours is more like my Grandpa's who came from Cavassaga, Italy. I was to young for him to teach me and my Father didn't think it worth the effort and now he has passed and I am trying to implement the family traditions with nothing but books. I have been successful in making salami's with cure and bacteria and they are great but not the taste my Grandpa had. I also have made other dried meats but like I say I am following a book and not someone teaching me. Well let me know about the brine vs dry salt cure. Thanks for the video and inspiration.
    Jerrold Cavasin in Tennessee, USA

  3. Sirs,
    What is the temp and humidity of your hanging room. Is there a max that you recommend? I hang mine in the basement at 68-73 degrees and 59-65 % humidity. How does this fair?
    Jerrold Cavasin