Simple Summer Salad: Radish, Cucumber & Chive

 Radish & cucumber salad a is simple 5-minute summer salad! Fresh from the garden, our radishes are crisp & peppery, perfectly complimenting the cool cucumbers. We added a little chive because they were ready to be picked, with a drizzle of olive oil, salt & pepper -you're ready to eat!

Radish, Cucumber & Chive Salad Recipe

radishes, thinly sliced
cucumbers, thinly sliced
chopped chive
drizzle of olive oil
red wine vinegar
salt & pepper

Toss all ingredients together & serve!


  1. Hi, could you give an approximate amount of the vinegar and oil. Thank you. Tammy

    1. I never measure anything. Start with a little of each, taste, and adjust. If you like sour, use more vinegar. Don't be afraid to experiment. Just remember, start with a little and add more as needed based on your taste. If serving to a group, put additional oil and vinegar on the side so people can adjust it to their liking. It's a lot easier than trying to take away to much vinegar or oil!